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FOLLOW THE RUNNERS and Samantha (the salmon baton) as they go upstream using the LIVE link HERE

Salmon Run is on Sunday September 24. All are welcome as a regular runner, fun runner or long distance athlete. This is a community relay event highlighting the epic journey of the Atlantic Salmon and exploring what it can teach us about the health of the river Exe and climate change.

And you can sign up now here!

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Salmon Run is a community celebration of this remarkable but endangered species, its journey and its ecological and cultural significance for our river. Weirs, the changing climate, loss of species diversity and pollution all have their impact on these iconic fish with a sharp decline since the 1980s on the Exe and worldwide.

In response, on Sunday 24 September a relay of runners will head 50 miles upriver from Exmouth on the coast inland to Exmoor’s wooded valleys, running through Exeter, connecting to the story of Atlantic Salmon in this important river and estuary.

This event from Exmouth to Tarr Steps has opportunities to run for all abilities with relay sections averaging 10 miles, an incorporated 5k fun run section through Exeter and, new for 2023, an ‘ultra’ run of 50 miles for serious athletes. The 5k fun run section is open to all whether you want to time yourself or run (or walk) with family or friends. So joggers, walker and wheelers all welcome.

Salmon guides will be on hand to share information and stories about these remarkable and seriously at-risk creatures and a master of ceremonies will lead with suitable pageantry and ritual to keep the salmon in our minds as we empathise with it on its annual journey.

Ultra 50 mile runners and the first relay team carrying Samantha the salmon baton will leave Exmouth in the morning. At Exeter ultra runners will continue while the relay team pause and handover the baton to the 5k runners who take it to Exwick where a new relay team will continue. Relay teams will handover ceremoniously at each of the remaining handover points until they reach Tarr Steps probably after all the ultras. Spectators welcome at all stages inculding the Exeter stages and Tarr Steps to cheer in the runners. (See route map below)

Runner Registration:
Get in touch Volunteer or for more information about the day:
More about Salmon Run:
Everyone is welcome to come along and support family members and wave the salmon on – and suitable salmon attire is welcome.

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More about opportunities to take part:

There is a small charge this year to help us cover our costs, voluntary for the 5k runners. To enter all must register.
Information about parking and access for all changeover points will follow on this website. Public transport recommended where possible.

Relay Teams
It is preferrable but not essential to form a team of 4-6 runners. This also makes entry cheaper. If you are an individual or group of up to 3 you can still sign up and we will complete a team for you but cannot guarantee what section you will get. Teams will run together so abilities should be similar in the group. We are not racing! Teams need to consider logistics of car share/transport. Let us know if you need help booking or making up a team.
Teams will carry the salmon baton passing it on to the next team at changeover points where a master of ceremonies will preside over the exchange with a short invocation from the salmon.
Teams will be invited to a briefing and will get a route map on the day and notes on any areas of the route that may be unclear. Runners are encouraged to have a good look at the route before the day. The route mostly follows the Exe Valley Way which is a mix of off and on road terrain following the river as much as possible. (see whole route map below after ultra paragraph for relay sections)
Teams will receive a tracker along with the salmon baton from the arriving team so that the progress of the salmon can be watched by others online.
The second section between Salmon Pool and Exwick in Exeter is the 5K community run and the baton will be carried by the ‘crowd’ for that section.
Runners should arrive at their changeover point in advance of the previous team arriving which they should be able to follow on a mobile phone or with updates from the run manager. Approximate or anticipated times will be given was a guide for each section.
First team gathers in Exmouth between 7.30 and 7.45am

The 5K is a standard 5K run and open to all abilities including those who wish to time themselves and those who will run (or walk) it as a family fun run. Salmon or river-related clothing references (costumes) welcome. It runs from Salmon Pool (St James Weir) to Exwick along the Riverside Park. The 5K is also the second leg of the relay and the 5K runners are the team for this section. The master of ceremonies will find a family or individual to carry the salmon in the midst of the 5k runners.
Runners and audience should arrive at Salmon Pool (St James Weir) at 9.45am to register and wait for the salmon to arrive from Exmouth and there will be stalls with salmon experts including from the Westcountry Rivers Trust on hand for questions and background to the epic life of the Atlantic Salmon and what you can do to help it survive.
On arrival at Exwick runners will receive a small token of memento.
Collect and register at Salmon Pool at 9.45am

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The Ultra 50 mile
Join up to 40 runners who will do the full 50 miles. 50 milers will start with the first relay team at Mamhead slipway in Exmouth and will continue through Exeter without pausing at Salmon pool and so will be ahead of the relay and 5k.
Teams will be invited to a briefing and detailed route maps will be available beforehand and we advise taking a close look at the route. The route mostly follows the Exe Valley Way which is a mix of off and on road terrain following the river as much as possible. En route it passes through one or two busy areas.
All runners will be given a tracker and gpx files for use on personal running devices.
Snacks and water will be available at 5 points along the route.
Gather at Exmouth Mamhead slipway between 7.30 and 7.45am

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We need stewards along the route, usually for a short time during the day for a number of jobs such as handing out bibs and pins, guiding runners at certain points, monitoring feedback or setting up equipment. So if you or someone you know would like to help with this please get in touch. Or perhaps you can run and be a steward!

There are opportunities find out more about the Salmon on the Exe at Salmon Pool or to cheer on runners or just to be part of the celebration. You can go to Salmon Pool at the start of the 5K where there will be information about the Salmon from river experts or you can be at any relay changeover points, or at any point on the route, at the start early in the morning or the dramatic end at Tarr Steps.

Run! with the Salmon on Sunday September 24

Lots more about the Atlantic Exe Salmon and how things went last year at:

We are very pleased to supported by The Westcountry Rivers Trust and RETA the River Exe and Tributaries Association.

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About the Salmon
The Atlantic salmon is a keystone migratory species and indicator of the health of our seas
and rivers. The story of the salmon also tells us about climate change, changing water
temperatures in seas and rivers, water flow, water quality and weirs which can impede the
movement of the salmon up and down the river. Across the world the populations of
Salmon are down 70% since 1980s. Exeter is named after the Exe which means fish (Iasg
in Gaelic) and salmon used to be abundant and plentiful. We want to honour these
remarkable creatures and run with the salmon!

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